Mei Fung


Mighn is the son of a Chinese immigrant that comes to Venezuela searching for a better life. Hes the only heir to the Mei Fung supermarket, a modest store owned by Yuan. Mighn was always at the store following his fathers footsteps. This changes when an unexpected robbery leaves a trumpet in his hands become interested in the instrument, reviving his passion for traditional Mexican music. It is the when Mighn decides to leave his responsibilities as he commits himself to his dream, being a mariachi.

Mei Fung
Dir. Dayana Gauthier
Cinematographer Gerard Uzcategui
Length: 12min
Country: Venezuela
Year: 2013
Format: HD – Color – 2:35

Awards • Festivals

ΞBest Cinematography• Festival de cortometrajes Guyana en corto 2014Ξ

ΞOficial Selection • Chicago Latino film festival 2014Ξ